About Us

At the Tuckaway Butchery you’ll find the biggest and highest quality specialty meat shop in the region. The Butcher Shop features more than 20 hand-crafted sausages and gourmet burgers, all seasoned with ingredients from roasted garlic and basil to jalapenos and fresh mozzarella. The beef is top of the line, all graded Upper Choice to Prime, and fresh cut and ground non stop every day. Butchers are grinding fresh chuck roll hourly, and cutting the oh-so-famous steak tips that simply melt in your mouth.

The Butchery also offers in-house crafted specialties, such as Homemade Chicken Salads, Desserts, Potato Salad, Enormous Chicken Pot Pies, Broccoli Cashew Salad, and more. All prepared daily by the amazing culinary team on-site.


As if a Butcher Shop and Tavern weren’t enough to handle, the Tuckaway has a fully loaded Craft Beer Shop as well! Browse through our enormous selection of New England Crafted beers as well as other specialty and hard to find bottles from around the world.