Shipping & Notice:

Due to high amounts of orders, we are only able to ship three specials at this time.

Whether you're from Chicken, Alaska or Bacon, TX (both of which are real places), or even next door to us here in Raymond, we'll ship to you. Tuckaway is proud to ship to every state within the United States. Shipping rates vary on location.

Our Butchery

The Butchery opened March 15th, 2012 as a meat market specialty shop highlighting top-quality beef and home-made marinates, but quickly expanded to much more. Today the Butchery features a wide variety of in-house crafted specialty foods, a vast array of locally crafted beers, plenty of wine, and a complete organic section featuring nuts, granola, fruit bars, chips desserts and more.

The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery is the only establishment in New England that publicly displays their entire menu of fresh ingredients for everyone to see. Once you have a look at our amazing products in the Butchery, you’ll crave to have these dishes prepared for you next door in the Tavern.