Bone in Ribeye from the Tuckaway TAvern and Butchery by Tuckin' Good Meats. Trusted meat shipping from new england shipping meat across the country. Specialty meats cut and prepared right in our butchery in new hampshire.

Fancy Meating You Here!

Shipped FRESH. Never Frozen.

New England KNOWS Lobstah!

Shipping & Notice:

Whether you're from Chicken, Alaska or Bacon, TX (both of which are real places), or even next door to us here in Raymond, we'll ship FRESH NEVER FROZEN direct to your door. Tuckaway is proud to ship to every state within the United States. Shipping rates vary on location. Shipping is always free in New England with a $50.00 Minimum.

Who Is Tuckaway?

The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery opened March 15th, 2012 as a Neighborhood Butcher Shop laser focused on community and highlighting  ONLY Top-Quality AngusProteins , House Crafted Sausages + Marinated Meats. Today, we  also feature a wide variety of Scratch Made Foods, New England Brewed Beers and Locally Crafted Goods.

The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery has become a New England landmark and a National destination for #meat since being dubbed a "Carnivore Emporium" by none other than Guy Fieri himself. With Bobby "the Butcher" Marcotte at the helm, customers can rely on nothing but the best value being brought to their tables. Whether in our dining room here in Raymond, New Hampshire or shipped to your own home in any of the 50 states we guarantee you won't find better value anywhere...