Cooking Tips

Just picked up a dish from our To-Go section? Want some tips on cooking your butchery purchases? We've got you covered! All of our prepared meals are pre-cooked, but can be warmed up to your liking.

Buffalo Chicken Dip & Tuck Sauce:

These delicious additions are enjoyable cold or warm. These containers are microwave safe, but we have other options as well. We recommend that you pour the contents into a saucepan on your stovetop, and cook on a low-to-medium heat. We do not recommend walking away! Heat to a desired temperature, and enjoy.

Pairs Well With: Tortilla Chips, Chicken Wings, Celery

Mac & Cheese:

Set oven temperature to 350 degrees. The bottom tin is oven-safe. Remove plastic cover, and place on oven rack for 25 to 35 minutes. The topping will begin to brown, and the cheese will begin to bubble slightly. Heat to a desired temperature, and enjoy.

Pairs Well With: Pulled Pork, Steak, Chicken, Pork Chops, or delicious by itself!


Mix one part dry marinade to two parts light oil. We recommend adding a little red vinegar for extra flavor. The oil is your choice! Some prefer to use flavored oils, while some prefer regular olive oil.

Pairs Well With: Steaks, Chicken, Fish, Burgers, and So Much More!